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Hail damage repair in 3 easy steps

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1. File a claim with your insurance provider

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2. Bring your car and claim to Dent Services

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Paintless Dent Repair

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless dent removal is the process in which we are actually able to push out the dents from the inside of the body panel – All while preventing damage to your vehicles paint. Upon completion of your dent repair, there is virtually zero trace that the vehicle panel had ever been dented in the first place.

Our skilled paintless dent repair technicians essentially massage the dents and dings out of your vehicle from the backside. Because this technique does not require your vehicle to be repainted like many traditional body shops would propose, PDR saves you money on your dent repairs.

In most cases, medium to small dents, dings and scuffs can be removed by paintless dent removal. PDR does require extensive practice to avoid damaging the paint, and in some cases we use heat to avoid cracking or chipping your vehicles paint.

Benefits of using PDR:

* Preserve the original finish of your vehicle

* Enhance the resale value of your vehicle

* Save money compared to traditional body repair methods

* Environmentally safe because no chemicals are used

* Faster repair times


Hail Damage Repair

Hail can cause unsightly and severe damage to your vehicle. With recent hail storms in the area, thousands of vehicles have fallen victim to hail damage. Choosing the right hail damage repair company is crucial, not only in getting an affordable rate, but most importantly, restoring your hail damage to the point where you cannot even see evidence of the hail damage.

If your vehicle is currently in need of hail dent removal, come by our shop for a free dent removal estimate. Each of our customers are assured that our experienced dent removal experts will undo the effects caused by hail damage. Dent Services has set up locations across several states, providing superior quality hail damage repairs to vehicle owners. We use techniques known as paintless dent repair on hail damaged vehicles. This process allows us to undo and remove the dent from the backside of the affected area as to avoid the need to repaint your car. In many cases, the hail does not cause damage to your paint, but rather caused a dent. PDR is the perfect option to save you both time and money on your hail damage repair costs.

Hail storms are notorious for causing damage upon vehicles in the affected areas. Fortunately for our customers, Dent Services is trusted by dealerships for removing dents and dings caused by hail. Simply drive your hail damaged vehicle into our repair shop for our affordable paintless dent removal services. Our unsurpassed dent removal service will have your vehicle looking like new.

Hail Damage Repair Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to Answer all of Your Questions

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a skillful technique in which our technicians carefully remove the effected panels and push out the dent from the backside without causing damage to your vehicles finish or paint. This process is relatively new, whereas prior PDR practices even small hail damage dings would generally require an auto body shop to remove the dent and then repaint your vehicle where the paint had cracked or chipped during the process..

Paintless Dent Removal can be used in most circumstances where your vehicle is dented, but not creased, and the paint has not been cracked or chipped. PDR is very effective or repairing damage from hail because hail does not typically chip the paint, but instead causes small, round crater-like dents.
Paintless dent removal is the process in which we are actually able to push out the dents from the inside of the body panel – All while preventing damage to your vehicles paint. Upon completion of your dent repair, there is virtually zero trace that the vehicle panel had ever been dented in the first place.

* Cost effective
* Does not require repainting or fillers
* Maintain your vehicles original finish

In most cases, no. Hail damage is considered to be a comprehensive claim which means that it is no fault of your own.

It is possible that your insurance company could put what is called an “unrepaired damage” restriction on your policy, meaning that future claims could be denied until your hail damage has been repaired.

Often times you have up to 60 days from the date of the incident to open a claim. Contact your insurance company to get more information.

Our Locations

Locally Owned and Operated

Locally owned and operated hail repair. It's important you choose a company that has a local office that can provide hail repair service when you need it.
Mark has done Plano, Texas PDR hail repair for 25 years.

Dent Services has been your trusted source for hail repair in the DFW Metroplex for over 25 years.

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Located in Dallas and many other locations Nationwide.


About Us

We are Paintless Dent Repair Experts

Dent Services has been in the auto hail repair business for more than 25 years, serving the DFW metroplex area, and the nation.  Our mission has and always will be to provide a quality repair with professional service.  Integrity, customer service, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and follow-up contact are the staples of how we do business, and why we believe we have been able  to be successfull in the paintless dent repair industry for over two decades.  We understand that a hail castastrophe can be a difficult event to overcome, but here at Dent Services we strive to help our customers navigate through the whole process with ease.  From beginning to end, you're in great hands with Dent Services.  


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are only happy when you're happy.  If you aren't 100% satisfied with our paintless dent repair services, pleases let us know! We will make it right. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our repairs and a lifetime warranty.



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