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What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the technique of using specially designed tools to access and massage a dent from the underside. It allows  to repair dents without paint or fillers – and without compromising your vehicle’s original finish!

Before PDR, hail damage and parking lot dings meant a trip to the body shop. It was an outdated solution to a relatively simple problem – a problem that shouldn’t have involved bondo, primer or matching paint color. Fortunately, a simpler solution came with the advent of Paintless Dent Repair. PDR is also less expensive.


What can PDR fix?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is very effective for repairing almost any dent where the metal is not creased and the paint is not broken or cracked. It is especially effective for repairing hail damage. Dents from hail are easy to fix with paintless dent repair.


What are the advantages of PDR?

There are a multitude of advantages to Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Dent Services saves you money and time with their hail repair. Other PDR advantages:

    * No painting and no fillers

    * No painting means no problems with color matching

    * PDR is less expensive than traditional body shop repairs

    * Your vehicle retains its original factory finish

    * Dent Services gives you a Lifetime Warranty on the work!


Will a hail damage claim make my insurance go up?

No. Hail damage is a comprehensive claim. Unlike a collision claim, it will not affect your rates.


What if I don’t get my car fixed?

Your insurance company could put an “unrepaired damage” restriction into effect on your policy. This would mean any future claims will be denied until your hail damage is repaired.


How much time do I have to open a claim?

You generally have 30-60 days from the time of occurrence to start a claim. Call your insurance company before time runs out, and at least get a claim number. Dent Services will handle the rest for you – it’s that simple.


Do I have to go where my insurance company tells me to go?

No. As the policyholder, the choice is yours. If you go to a shop recommended by your insurance company, they are under contract with the insurance company and are required to charge you a deductible. That’s why it’s important to note, Dent Services works on your behalf with a licensed independent adjustor to get your repair approved at the proper level, which means you are assured of the highest quality service. Plus, we can help with your deductible and still offer you our Lifetime Warranty.


What should I look for when choosing a company for PDR?

Professionalism and stability. Paintless Dent Repair is a highly competitive industry. Disreputable companies and even thieves are willing to make some pretty incredible offers in order to get you to hand over your car keys. Dent Services has been in business for many years. We know what we are doing and would not be here if we were not completely trustworthy.

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